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2 factor authentication / multi factor authentication. A secondary password solution designed to help better protect your accounts. Both on your computers and on the internet.


World's Most Customizable Accounting System. Offers unique accounting solutions for your growing business.

Antivirus Software

High end antivirus software that is monitored and managed by us.


Backup and Disaster Recovery. performaing image backups of your hard drive. This is performed both onsite and offsite. Backups are airgapped for security.


We use, sell and support a product called Bracket for sending and receiving email that needs to be sent securely. It is one of the easiest products by either just putting brackets around the subject line or logging into the portal and sending / receiving the email from there.


We can check out your technology and let you know what you have, what you need to upgrade / replace, etc. We help with setting up new offices and networks.

Cyber / Phishing Training

The main weakness in a business when it comes to security is the human element. This is why training is an important part of securing an environment.

Dark Web Monitoring

This is a service where we watch to see if your email address along with any passwords you have used or are using have been stolen on available for sale on the internet.

Device Based Web Filtering

Where one goes on the internet isn't always safe and it isn't always easy to know it isn't safe. This software will protect one from going to bad websites whether in the office or on the road


Endpoint Detection and Response and Nextgen AV take the antivirus protection to the next level. They are better apt to catch and stop a piece of software from running on the computer than first generation AV.


there is no need to have a fax machine, waste the paper and have to go to the office to get faxes. Electronic faxes will automatically place sent faxes into your email and allow you to send faxes from your email. Saving paper and allowing you to use it from anywhere.

Encrypting Drives

Computer hard drives can be removed from a computer / laptop and accessed. Passwords and 2FA on a computer won't stop it. That is why hard drives need to be encrypted to make sure anyone who steals a computer can't access the hard drive.

File / Folder Backup

Backup the important documents, spreadsheets and any other file that you don't want to lose. Backups keep multiple versions in case of corruption. Backups are stored offsite and can also be stored in an external device onsite. All backup solutions are airgapped in case of hacking.

Firewall Service

Not having a firewall leave you open to hackers from the internet. Having a firewall is a static protection device. The features and setup in it stay that way until you replace it. Having a firewall service means that we are updating the features and services based on the changes in the needs based on the internet hackers.

Google Workplace Backup

There is no guarantee that you will be able to recover you documents, email, calendar, etc. from a loss to the information stored out on Googles site. That is why you need to make sure it is backed up.


We can help you select, purchase, etc. any type of hardware you need. From servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, etc.

HIPAA Compliance / Security

If your business needs to follow HIPAA or any other compliance then we can work with you on your technology needs to make sure that you are meeting these needs. We can connect you with people that can help you with other parts of the compliancy.

Computer Security

Employees can't be trusted to not install / run a program on the computer. They don't usually know if they should or shouldn't allow something to install. That is why we have software to stop them from installing things that shouldn't be allowed to be installed. THis is a big way to help keep from having ransomware and other malware / viruses be able to get on the computer. It doesn't remove the need for some form of AV.

IOT Security

IOT or internet of things are all of the devices that you have accessing your wifi including cameras, alarms, thermostats, etc. need to be set up on a secured network separate from your computers to help keep you safe.

Managed Services

This is where we are proactive in regards to your computers and network rather than reactive. We are taking care of issues before they stop you from working. Check it out on the Managed Services page here.


Help with wired, wireless and mesh wireless networks

Office 365 Backups

When using office 365 for email and onedrive it is important to know that Microsoft clearly states in their agreement that they are not responsible for your data / documents. If you don't back them up outside of your office 365 account you can lose all of it.

Office / Office 365

We can help you acquire and install office or office 365 software.

PC Security

We can help with locking your computer(s) down to be less likely to be attacked by hackers and bad actors.


One of the most important things that needs to be regularly handled on a computer is patching. This will reduce the risks of hacking / attacks.


We can help you with custom programming needs. We do custom programming in Visual Foxpro.

Remote Access

We offer two types of remote access. One where we have it always installed and available for us to get on your system and another where you download a little app, give us a 9 digit code, we get on and help you and once we get off the software unloads from memory. By allowing us to remotely access your system we are able to help you with many of your needs much quicker than waiting for someone to arrive onsite. It also allows you to remotely access your office computer when not in the office.


The screenbeam product is a device that will allow you to have phones, tablets, laptops of all flavors access a screen wirelessly when working on sharing information in a meeting or class. It is easy to quickly switch between devices and can even allow devices that are not allowed on your network to access the screenbeam and share their screen.

Secure File and Folder Sharing

File and folder sharing is a way to share documents (not programs) between computers and people. Once the file is changed on one computer it automatically updates on other computers. This can even be done from tablets and phones. The difference here is that this is a more secure product than many of the ones found online and it handles opening of files among multiple people safe so that no two people modify the same file at the same time. This will also keep multiple versions of files.

Shield of Protection Audit

We offer a service where we will review the technology in your office and let you know where you have safety and security issues.


SIEM, which stands for Security Information and Event Management, is another means of monitor things on and about your computer to make sure there is nothing attacking or running in the background of your computer that can cause issues for you and your data. This is one of the newer requests that Cyber Insurance policies are wanting to see businesses using.

Spam Filtering

One of the main ways that bad actors try to fool you is through emails that you shouldn't open or respond to. Since the human person is one of the biggest issues in keeping data secure, this is where a company needs to protect themselves. They can do this having a spam filter which will block / stop email and email attachments that can cause you problems.

Virus Removal / Malware Removal / Cleaning up

If computers are not properly protected then they might acquire viruses and malware just by going online. We will get on the computer and check it out and clean out these items as well as clean up other items on them to help them run better.


VOIP, which stands for Voice Over IP, is phone service utilizing the internet. This is replacing the old standard referred to as POTS lines, which are plain old telephone service lines. VOIP service can work with an app on cell phones and tablets, a program on computers and/or a phone hooked up to the internet either with a cable or wifi. The phones can be moved from the office to the home or another office and one can answer and tranfer calls between phones as if they are all in the same physical location. Auto answer messages can also easily be changed from home when the weather doesn't permit you to get to the office, redirect phone calls if the internet is down, etc.