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Key Points

Not Self Taught

I didn't one day just open an IT / Computer business. I went to one of the top 3 schools in the cournty in the '80s


I graduated from Michigan State University in 1986 with a degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Can't Stop Learning

One needs to keep up with new technology, etc. I do by participating in webinars almost weekly and seminars


I tried for several hours and failed. You solved the problem in less than 5 minutes today.

David M.

Thank you for always being available for my crazy issues. I really appreciate you.


Thank you for your immediate attention that day.



Back in the late 1960’s I would go with my father to a building in Dearborn where he used to rent time on a mainframe. He was developing a program to help doctors do their billing using a computer. Unfortunately, a few years later my father got sick and passed away. The company he had founded went on to be THE computer company for software in medical practices in the 1980’s. Unfortunately, we had nothing to do with it. But, I was hooked!

During the 80’s I went to college to get a degree in Computer Science (dealing with the software aspects of computers) and Computer Engineering (dealing with the hardware aspects of computers). While in school I was working with some clients on their computer systems. After graduating, I formed my first official computer business called Computing Databases, Inc. In 1998, after growing the business and having partners we decided to close / sell the business.

I started back up by myself as afl’s Computer Consulting, LLC. AFL are my fathers’ initials. They stand for Alfred Franklin Lipshaw. This way he could be a part of the computer industry like he always wanted to be.

In 2013, I felt that the name didn’t reflect everything that I was doing to help people and businesses. There was more than just their computers that I was helping them with. So, I migrated the company over to the current name of afl’s Knights of Technology, LLC.

I, currently, still work primarily by myself with some help, at times, from my eldest son, Eric. I work with other local IT firms when I need more help than I can supply as one person and to cover me if and when I am unavailable or out of town. Nowadays more often than not clients’ issues can be handled remotely. So, as long as I have my computer with me, I can take care of most issues from anywhere I am.