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Managed services is the practice of maintaining and servicing computers proactively for the client. The concept it so constantly maintain and update the computer along with working proactively to correct issues with the computer before the client can notice that there is an issue. This is compared to the break/fix model where the client has a problem, calls the IT service provider and then gets the problem fixed.

afl's managed service offering is always changing depending on which level of service a client signs up for and the products/services we are able to provide. At this time, the services that are part of our managed services offering include:

Firewall Service

WIFI Services

antivirus software

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR / 2nd generation AV)

Ransomware Protection

Spam Filter

Remote Access for afl and for client

Patching of Windows and other software

Remote Maintenance and Monitoring

Onsite Maintenance

Security Scanning

Dark Web Monitoring

Proxy Web Filtering

Discounted Rates

Shield of Protection Audit

Guaranteed Response Time