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We have been helping small business since 1981.

Our clients stay with us because...


Quick Response to Needs

We don't take on too many clients and our clients are able to communicate with us via phone, cell phone, texting and email. We can remote into our clients computers to answer questions, correct issues and keep them operating at their max quickly.



With as many years as we have, helping our clients with their issues. Also keeping up with our education to always be on top of the latest technology, we are able to best help our clients. If we don't have the answer, we have access to a large contingency of other professionals.



We have and will always be honest in what we share and what we do. We won't hide behind an issue, we will correct it.



We work with an organization, called Compliancy Group, to help make sure we follow the rules to be compliant in protecting our clients and their patient information. This works for medical and all other types of businesses.


Our goal is to help small businesses find the best solution for their hardware and software needs. Then make sure that they are set up properly and with the security to keep their office and their data safe

After all

computers are just a tool to accomplish a task that YOU need done. We will make sure those tools (computers and other technology) is working well so you can get your tasks completed!

As a member of the National Society of IT Service Providers (NSITSP), we agree to abide by the their code of ethics. Click here to view it.

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